AC Repair in Kothrud Pune

AC Repair in Kothrud Pune

Do you use an air conditioner? If yes, you also need someone to repair and maintain them. Here we are!

We are proud to introduce ourselves and the air conditioner repairing service providers. We specialize in all kinds off after sale services that are required by your air conditioner. You can contact us for different kinds of services for your air conditioner. Please have a look at all our offerings at at most of the areas in Pune including Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Boat Club Road, Hadapsar, Wagholi, Kothrud, Wakad, Kharadi, etc.

AC Repair in Kothrud, Pune

Regular Maintenance Service

At All Electric Care, we perform maintenance services for ACs of all brands, ranging from LG to Samsung. Our servicemen are completely reliable when it comes to servicing any kind of AC, be it a Split AC or Window AC. At reasonable prices, regular maintenance of these appliances is carried out to ensure that they’re ready as soon as summer arrives. Thus, for the best AC Repair in Kothrud, Pune, contact All Electric Care. Our company also houses employees specially trained for different kinds of sub-services, even if complete servicing of the AC is not required. Routine checks are conducted by our staff. For all our regular customers, our employees carry out AC servicing when summer is around the corner, without waiting for them to make a complaint. We are already two steps while taking care of you, and we also make sure that it’s done as per reasonable pricing.

Emergency Services

Our service company is well-equipped for handling a large number of servicing jobs at the same time; thus, even at times when peak season is overhead, we have enough staffing capacity for meeting your needs. There are also times that your AC stops working even after deep cleansing; in such a situation, All Electric Care is your one-stop solution. With our expert services, AC Repair in Kothrud, Pune is made even more feasible and affordable. Our priority is to ensure that our customers are safe within their homes; for this, our services occur on a timely basis, for the ultimate satisfaction of the customer.

Best AC Repair in Kothrud, Pune

Energy and Experience

With a team complete with both experienced and young employees, All Electric Care ensures that your problem is easily solved and your AC begins running smoothly once again. Electronics tend to be a sensitive issue which must be taken care off with complete expertise; in the absence of this, it is possible that the appliance can cause severe damage to your house in the form of fire or short-circuit. The main issue with such appliances is that dust accumulates within the body over a long period of disuse; the filters must be thoroughly cleansed before the AC is suitable for use again. Thus, we make sure that your experience of AC Repair in Kothrud, Pune is one which is smooth and free of any trouble.

AC Repair Service in Kothrud, Pune

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

At All Electric Care, our primary focus is on customer satisfaction. Hence, we conduct all our services according to the needs and instructions of the client. Our employees are well-trained to be respectable and sincere at all times, and they make sure that no tensions occur while carrying out your AC Repair in Kothrud, Pune.We ensure that no extravagant or untoward demands or advances are made by our employees while visiting your house and carrying out the AC repair service. For us, our customer is god and we aim to give them the best of services possible.

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