Ductless Systems Are Great, But They Need Repair Too!

Having a ductless system is definitely a big plus, especially during the hot North Carolina summer. The system is efficient, effective, and versatile enough, keep homeowners comfortable throughout the year only with the flip of a switch. So, what happens when a problem does not arise?

Well, keep reading below and we’ll tell you!

Below, we have listed some of the unique improvement needs of ductless system. Remember, it is important to schedule your ductless ac repair in kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and others at the first sign of a problem, so if you experience any of the following, be sure to pick up the phone!

Water leak behind Air Handler

Each of the air handler walls in your house has a series of connections routed through a hole behind them. These connections include electrical wiring, cooling lines and condensate lines. Condensate line is responsible for removing excess moisture during the cooling process so it does not enter your home. However, these lines could leak, and if this occurs, the water can begin to accumulate between the air handlers and the wall behind you.

If the problem goes unnoticed, wall materials may begin to weaken and air controllers could fall! Of course, this does not only ruin the air handler, but you’ll be stuck with the cost must fix your wall. Therefore, it is important to call for repairs if you see water around the air handler.

Damaged Air Handlers

There is a possibility that one of the air handlers in your home may be damaged. If this happens, you can definitely expect a lack of cold air in the room it is in. However, the broken air handlers are not too big of a deal, as the remaining air handler in your home will continue to work well (only one of the many benefits of having a ductless system!). Just make sure that you schedule repairs as soon as possible to restore your comfort and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Refrigerant leak

Although this is not always in need of repair is unique, ductless systems are more susceptible to leakage of refrigerant see because they have more refrigerant lines running to each air handler. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye out for any warning signs of a refrigerant leak. This can include a decrease in cooling or heating power from the system or your evaporator coil freezing up. Additionally, you may notice a strange hissing sound coming from the system.

If you see these signs, it is important that you schedule a repair ASAP to avoid damage to the system is full!

Do Not Hesitate To Call Pro

If you notice that your ductless system is not quite working as it should, be sure to hire a professional for repair work as soon as possible. Hiring a professional ac repair in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and others at the first sign of a problem is important in maintaining your comfort and energy efficiency.

Of course, there will be many amateurs willing to service your system, but sometimes an effort to save money can end up costing you more in the long run, so be careful! Call an expert in All Electric Care for all ductless needs you!

By All Electric Care

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