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Of course, you want more than anything for your air conditioner working efficiently and effectively throughout the summer. But unfortunately, it turns your system is short cycling, which is probably one of the most annoying things that can go wrong with your air conditioner. Why? Because not only will dramatically increase the wear and tear on the system, but will also put quite a big in your wallet! After all, bear in mind to decision after you want ac repair in kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and etc.

A short bike ride is definitely a problem you want to address directly; however, many homeowners do not really know exactly what it is or why it happened. So below, we have outlined some of the reasons why you may be short cycling air conditioning so you can avoid the problem altogether. Keep reading to find out more!

Anything short Cycling?

Basically, short cycling is a term used to describe when something in the system that prevents it from completing the full cooling cycle. Simply put, when your system is short cycling, you will see that it turns on and off every few minutes, making it impossible to keep the house nice and cool. Not only does this lead to sky-high energy bills, but it can also leave you with the cost of some pretty hefty repair.

Why did it happen?

There are a number of issues that could cause short cycling, including:

A clogged air filter: The air conditioning Collect your conditioner dirt and debris as it passes through the duct work. However, if the filter is not changed regularly, it can become too clogged, blocking the flow of air into and out of the system. When the heat becomes trapped in the system, your air conditioner will shut down as a safety measure, and when it cools it will kick back just to start the process again (short-cycling!). Therefore, we recommend changing out the air filter every 1 to 3 months during the summer.

Frozen evaporator coil: The compressor is part of the system that is responsible for driving the cooling gas through the air conditioner after it has evaporated in the evaporator coil. Compressor also helps keep the rhythm of AC that is consistently able to transfer heat out of the house. If the compressor is being damaged by the coil is frozen, can begin to malfunction, throwing rhythm of your air conditioner.

AC is too large: If you already have an over-sized air conditioning unit installed in your home, chances are that it will begin a short cycle. Since the unit greatness produce too much cooling output, your home will reach the desired temperature much before AC has a chance to complete the full cooling cycle. The best thing you can do is to replace your AC greatness with appropriately sized unit for your home.

Refrigerant leaks: low refrigerant levels will force your air conditioner to work harder than normal, which may result in short cycling. Therefore, it is important to be alert for signs of leakage of refrigerant. These include low output of cooling liquid around the system, and a strange hissing sound.

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